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The Legend of Toba Lake

The Legend of Toba Lake


A long time ago, there was a poor farmer. He lived in a small bamboo hut near his rice-field. Other farmers live in his village, too.

One day he wanted to catch some fish for his dinner. Just as he caught a big and fresh fish, he heard a voice. “Please don’t kill me. If you let me live and put me into your rice-field, you will have your dinner on your dining table.”

“No problem,” said the farmer.

When the farmer went home, he was surprised. His dinner was already set on the table. Another day, he went to the rice-field and looked for the fish. He heard some voice, “I’m here, near you.” Suddenly there was a beautiful girl beside him, of course he was very surprised, “ Are you the fish that I caught yesterday?”

“Yes, I am. Thanks for your help. Would you marry me?” replied the girl.

“Of course, I would be honored,” said the farmer happily.

“But on one condition. Never tell our children that I was once a fish,” added the girl.

“I give you my words,” promised the farmer.

Well…after one year, they got a son. They got a son. They called him Sam.

One day, the mother asked Sam to bring lunch to his father at the rice field. Feeling hungry, the boy ate his father’s lunch on the way. Knowing this, the farmer was angry. “You are a naughty boy! You won’t be a good boy because you are actually a son of a fish!”

The boy cried and told his mother what he had heard from his father. The mother went to the rice-field and said angrily, “You have broken your promise. Now you must be punished.”

Then she left her husband. And suddenly… a big tide came and engulfed the village. The flood made a deep vast lake. People call it “Lake Toba” today.

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